Daniel Michael Crane (Singer, Actor, Emcee, DJ)


NOTE: I am available for stand alone rotation spots at venues, emergency fill in spots (need a reasonable amount of time to get there & set-up), as well as all public/private/corporate events @ all venues big or small. 




1.) Select songs sung to backing tracks (a lot of artists that I sing do not require an instrument)

2.) Guitar section: A mash-up of classic hits from pop, country & motown, to folk, and rock! No loops or tracks used for this part; just me, my 6 strinf acoustic/electric, and my PA system! 


 I sing several/styles/artists eras which may include (but not limited to): Sinatra, Dean Martin, Billy Joel, Elton John, Manilow, Elvis, Motown, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Conway Twitty, Brooks & Dunn, Broadway & more! The act is both personal and universal, wherein it contains songs my twin sister I were raised on, our parents favorites, my favorites, songs I've song all over the country, and your's too! My goal is to have each audience member leaving having felt profoundly affected in a positive way.


Acts Available (One Man Shows!):

1.) DMC: Live! (a variety act of all the styles/acts above & below...can be interchangeable upon client request) 

2.) DMC: A Tribute to Garth Brooks (all Garth Brooks songs) 

3.) STRAIT from DMC: A Tribute to George Strait (all George Strait songs) 

4.) DMC: Country Legends Tribute (a collection of classic country hits) * in development*

5.) Tribute to Broadway (a journey through Broadway classics) 

6.) You & Me: A 2 hour acoustic strumming act of hits & crowd favorites from pop, country, motown, folk, and rock! 


*For pre-show/break select line dance songs are played as well as by request songs*


If your client(s) would like JUST a DJ for their event? They can consider going the more laid back & classy route! A simple & neat set-up (professional sound system & lighting set-up), with songs hand picked by the clients themselves (I never go into any DJ gig with my own songs....it is THEIR event and I have them send me a list which I will then download into their own playlist). This way, they know exactly what they are getting going in. I can also emcee whatever they'd like, but I would need a list of key points, who to mention at what time, etc. A sort of event itenerary if you will. I do my best to make the event as much about the client as possible! Family friendly for ages 18-80+. Willing to DJ songs for children parties as well. 


1.) Yamaha Stage Pass Portable PA system
2.) Turbo Sound IP 2000 (speaker tower & subwoofer combo)
3.) Chauvet DJ 4 Bar lighting system w/ stands (2)
4.) ADJ Mega Bar 50 RGB-RC 22" RGB LED Bar (2)
5.) High quality Shure SM58 & Senheiser microphones
6.) Back drop
7.) Posters
8.) Tables
 MISC: Wires, plugs, etc

My equipment can fit any large/small spaces (see gallery below)


Budget friendly & vary per event! I will travel! These rates are discussed privately upon booking interest ONLY please. For more information on any of the above booking options, please text (631) 655.6763 or email dannyc933@aol.com. Unrelated inquiry will not get a straight away reply.


1.) The Big 3: Tribute to Billy, Elton, and Manilow 

2.) DMC: Country Legends Tribute

3.) DMC is Coming to Town (Christmas)