The Reverend

Cast in the lead role of "Timothy". A feature film about a hustling preacher, and a slick con man. 
Written & directed by Blake Emory (whom also stars).  We are now in post-production, with the Tampa Bay Film Society already having screened our trailer to high praise. Summer 2018 premiere at Villagio Cinemas!
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Check out our official trailer (more to come)
13th Darkness

Ever wonder why so much bad goes on in this world? It could be the Darkness is taking over. Can God Stop it before Lucifer can gain control of it. Or will The Darkness take over and consume every thing it touches. So much to be answered in this twisted tell of Greed, Dark Powers, and every day life. Maybe the Darkness is already consuming every thing in real life and this is just...I am proudly cast in a guest star role. This series is written & directed by Jonathan Bridges, and will be shooting 2018 in St Louis.

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The Garrison

The Garrison is a motion picture about The Italian Army during the battle of Stalingrad. I am proudly cast in a principal role. Shooting tentatively slated for 2018/2019. I will add more information here soon.

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Brooklyn by the Sea
A contemporary mob film about a street war between Italian,  Irish and Russian crime families on the Brooklyn Waterfront.  Directed by Juan Feldman (previously directed "After Words" starring Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden), and written/produced by Lance Miccio (previous work includes "The Prey" (Danny Trejo, Nick Chinlund), . The tag line reflects the  theme; “There is no peace without the piece, Talent includes: James Russo (​Donnie Brasco, DeJango Unchained, and Once Upon a  Time In America ​ ) Nick Chinlund (​Training Day, The Prey, Con Air, Tears of The Sun ​ )  and Paul Provenza (​Northern Exposure, Aristocrats ​ ).  I will be appearing in a major principal role. Shooting will begin in 2018/2019 on date(s) TBD. 

More information to come, including a Fan Page!

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 "Love Trianglez"

Trianglez is the new drama driven romance  series entangled with the webs that only love triangles can weave. Directed and produced by Blake Emory, I portray the principal role of "Pierre" a sleezy American character, but with French parents. *pre-production*

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"The Talk"  

A short film drama directed by Phil Bernardin that stars: SorayaSoi Free, Daniel Michael Crane, Danny Wise, & Claude McCoy. Three teenagers get in over their heads, and a mother comes to set things right. A story of love, acceptance & the consequences that come from witholding information to protect the well being of those around you. I portray the supporting role of "Terrence". This project is now in post-production, keep an eye on our fan page for screeings/film festival announcements /footage etc. 

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 "Plan B: Sediments of the City":

A new SAG web series drama directed by Timothy Wright. What better place than New York City to tell the tales of 3 young adults who due to forces out of their control are struggling to see the American Dream. When pressed against a wall we see these adults lash out and make and break their own path to success. None of these 3 know of each others existence but their actions will not only connect them together but impact all of their fates. Starring: Yael Shavitt, Jordane J. Christie, Isaiah Seward, Tony Hicks, Abrahem Alomeri. I portray the principal role of "Guard 2". 

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