Daniel Michael Crane (Singer, Actor, Emcee)



"The Reverend" (feature film)-"TIMMY" character teaser
(my role)
"The Reverend" (feature film)-Official Trailer #1 
(my part at 0:28)- lead role

"Akirema: City of the Damned" (Action Feature Film)

*principal role*

"The Talk" (Short Film)

*supporting role*

"Unknown Persons" (Mob Short)

*lead role*


"Commuted Sentence" (Short) 

*lead role*

"Columbia University Film Project" (Short)

*lead role*

"Invasive Species" (A Modern Day Woody the Woodpecker vs. Wiley Coyote; Silent Short) 

*lead role*

 Botched Botany (Short)

*lead role*