Daniel Michael Crane (Singer, Actor, Emcee, DJ)

"His personal concern for the residents made it very clear early into our collaboration with him that he comes from a background in the healthcare field. Not only did he perform and give the residents an unforgettable show, but he was often found both before and after his performance showing personal interest by speaking with the residents and their families, even dedicating some of his songs to them. He also stole the heart of every woman in our audience as he proceeded to hand out his personal touch of roses for the occasion"

Sevierville Health and Rehabilitation Center (5 Star Facility)

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 "It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Daniel Michael Crane. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mr. Crane as Fred in my recent Off-Broadway production of “A Christmas Carol” A New Musical. I write with confidence about his abilities and qualifications as a vocalist and performer. I met Mr. Crane September, 2016, and within a short period of time, he demonstrated exceptional talent as a performer, vital for any young artist in theatre. He quickly memorized his role with dedication,  is a team player, and his taking direction adding to the overall growth and strength of the show"

Daniel Orama: Founder of The School of Singing/Industry Professional/ Voice Instructor/Producer

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"It is with great pleasure to express my admiration of one of the finest performers who ever graced our stage at Metropolitan Room.  Daniel Michael Crane has performed at Metropolitan Room several times and with each of his performances, the room turned absolutely still with each or our audience members listening with great intensity, not to miss a single note.  He is extraordinarily talented and is poised and confident on stage.   Above all, Daniel Michael Crane is a gentleman of the highest level and is a pleasure to work with"

Bernard Furshpan: Managing Partner/Owner; The Metropolitan Room NYC

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''Daniel has a first-class voice, is a great actor, and a really great singer who blows people away with his voice when performing.  He is a clutch performer who does great work before an audience.  His memory is excellent and he learns music quickly.  Daniel also has great and unusual diversity, being able to sing equally well a pop work, Broadway ballad or operatic work.  He is fun to work with, dedicated, and very loyal. Yes, hire him!  I've worked with him for years, recorded with him, gone on stage with him.  Listen to his voice on my website, which has many recordings by Daniel singing songs from musicals I composed (www.NewBrodawayMusicals.com).  If you want a truly gifted guy who will work very hard for you, yes, Daniel Michael Crane is your man!'' 

James Behr: Composer, Juilliard M.M. & B.M/ Professor, Manhattan College 


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Daniel has a magnificent voice which he can use to great advantage in musical theatre, but he also has the rare talent of powerful stage presence and strong believability as a fine actor. He takes joy in putting as much of himself as possible into delivering his very best as a brilliant skilled singer and invested sensitive actor. Along with this, Daniel has an energy and focus that inspires audiences to respond to him on a heartfelt level. He is consistent and always responsive, taking direction eagerly and making the creative process a positive experience. 

Burton Mazzone: Musical Director, Voice/Acting Coach

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 "I  should have introduced him as Robert Goulet, that's who he sounded like!"

Christine Pedi: Forbidden Broadway/Matron Momma Morton in Broadway's Chicago-

 "He must know he was born to be a singer! What a gift he has, love the richness of his voice & his emotional connection was there throughout. WOW! Want to see MORE!"

Alyse Kenny: Booking Agent, The Metropolitan Room NYC 

"You want hard work and dedication? Lets talk about Danny Crane!"

Marie Danvers: Broadway's Christine in Phantom of the Opera 

"When I contacted this young man, I had no idea just how wonderful an actor, singer and entertainer he was. Not only does he have an extremely great work ethic by always being on-time and willing to help out off camera, hehas a truely great attitude and easy going demeanor about him that makes him a welcome addition to our production. He is committed to every project he partakes in and is consistantly looking for new and innovative ways to better himself and his craft! A real gem to have in our industry"

Keeler Jay Vernon, Casting Dir: "Big Thunder Productions"-