Daniel Michael Crane (Singer, Actor, Emcee, DJ)

Sevierville Health and Rehabilitation Center (5 Star Facility)

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Daniel Orama: Founder of The School of Singing/Industry Professional/ Voice Instructor/Producer

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Bernard Furshpan: Managing Partner/Owner; The Metropolitan Room NYC

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James Behr: Composer, Juilliard M.M. & B.M/ Professor, Manhattan College 


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Burton Mazzone: Musical Director, Voice/Acting Coach

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 "I  should have introduced him as Robert Goulet, that's who he sounded like!"

Christine Pedi: Forbidden Broadway/Matron Momma Morton in Broadway's Chicago-

 "He must know he was born to be a singer! What a gift he has, love the richness of his voice & his emotional connection was there throughout. WOW! Want to see MORE!"

Alyse Kenny: Booking Agent, The Metropolitan Room NYC 

"You want hard work and dedication? Lets talk about Danny Crane!"

Marie Danvers: Broadway's Christine in Phantom of the Opera 

"When I contacted this young man, I had no idea just how wonderful an actor, singer and entertainer he was. Not only does he have an extremely great work ethic by always being on-time and willing to help out off camera, hehas a truely great attitude and easy going demeanor about him that makes him a welcome addition to our production. He is committed to every project he partakes in and is consistantly looking for new and innovative ways to better himself and his craft! A real gem to have in our industry"

Keeler Jay Vernon, Casting Dir: "Big Thunder Productions"-